CS Instruments

Cost Saving and Risk Managemen of Your Compressed Air System

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Compressed Air Analyser

DS 300-P can record up to 4 amps channels plus fow and dew point.

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Chain Hoist DC BAS Demag

Chain Hoist Demag The only chain hoists that has Double Speed up to 10/2.5 m/min

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Hand Pallet Hippo

Hand Pallet Truck Hippo 25 and 30 for handling all kinds of palletised goods inside the wareouse.

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CS Compressed Air Analyser

Measurement with DS 300-P will get full picture of the state of the existing compressed air systems

CS Flow Sensors

The CS Flow Sensor is based on thermal mass flow principle. It measures volumetric standard flow over wide measuring range. The result is pressure and temperature independent.

Hand Pallet Hippo Demag

Hippo 25 and 30 are the 2-Cylinder hand Pallet Truck for handling all kinds of palletised goods inside the warehouse. Capacities range from 1.0 t for special low profile pallets, all the way up to 5.0 t for large and heavy goods.

Chain Hoist DC BAS Demag

Chain Hoists are user friendly load handling products for a wide range variety of applications

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